Me, according to the last few days

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So yesterday, after some conversations with another transguy here on oasis, I was looking up guy clothes, in hopes of buying some stuff soon. i really wish I could get a binder, because I really love v-necks, but I'd have to bind if I did, because I want to wear one as a guy.

I have to say, as far as transguys go, I'm probably pretty lucky in one department. (This is awkward for me to talk about, so AWKWARDALERT). But, of all things, I have to say I'm thankful for my chest. I was born into a small chest and I know not all transguys are as fortunate as I in terms of this. I've never actually been "sized" or whatever, but I'm happy about this. i would ...say(?) the size here but I don't wanna weird anyone (especially myself)out.

Oh, and then it was so frustrating because someone outside the lgbt community messaged me the other day and told me I should reconsider my transness because he's attracted to me as a girl. Humiliating. Perfectly humiliating. I'm not that person.


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Okay...that guy's a pain.

Seriously, you should tell gaj, 'Be a transgirl, then, because I'd be more attracted to you as a girl.'
Let's see how gaj feels. Creep.

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Dude, screw that guy that

Dude, screw that guy that messaged you. Those sorts of people need to just go live in Antarctica.