More Conversations/Johnnycakes!

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Well, my Clueless Friend and Other Friend had another fascinating conversation today at lunch.
Clueless Friend asks Other Friend, "Why do you even talk to her? What could you possibly get from that?"
"She's my friend!" Adds jokingly, "And a better friend than YOU!"
Clueless Friend fake-cries. Smiling, Other Friend says,
"Don't worry. I love you."
"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're both GIRLS!!!!!"
Clueless Friend makes a disgusted face and leans across my legs to get as far away from Other Friend as possible, which is kinda funny if you think about it.
"No, no no! In a friend way! I promise!"
"Well, GOOD!"
I'm just sitting here, trying to look uninterested, drinking my yogurt through a straw.
The girl they were talking about in the first place comes, halting this conversation. Afterwards, I say to Clueless Friend, "Um, you know this is the fourth conversation about this topic you've had in the past two days, right?"
"You're COUNTING???"
"Um... no."
Teehee as my heart pounds. Then in class, the teacher got more than slightly off-topic and started a debate about that law about gay people in the Armed Forces not being able to join if people knew they're gay etc. Come on, world, trying to get me to have a nervous breakdown?
So, in other news, my brother has a project to do about The Sign Of The Beaver. Here's a list of things he could do:
Make a diorama
Create a wigwam model
Create a teepee model (tipi?)
Make a Sign Of the Beaver board game
Bake Johnnycake and write a Harvest Poem
Of course he picks Johnnycake. The one thing nobody else would pick. So now we had to Google recipies, and I thought this random bit of info may uninterest you.


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Heheh. Your friends probably

Heheh. Your friends probably still think boys have cooties, too...

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I agree. They probably do.