Never have I ever

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Never have I ever (until today) completely removed my female name from this site. I live my life as a female and though I'm not always completely postive, I consider myself to be a transgendered person. I was born female but this doesn not mean I am a girl.

In order to figure myself out a little more, I decided to take the bull by its horns, so to speak. So please use male pronouns with me. I'm trying this out to see how much I like this with hopes of translating this to my life outside of Oasis, as well.



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Alrighty dude. You da man.

Alrighty dude. You da man.

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Congratulations, Eli. It is

Congratulations, Eli.

It is clear that you are taking a careful and well-reasoned approach to your transition. You also seem to have gained a lot of confidence and lost a lot of your melancholy since your realization.

...Cripes, why do I sound so formal? Congratulatory hug!

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Good for you!

Wait, is it okay if I still use 'gaj' for you? As I said, I'm using it for everyone, male, female, or gajindiak. I recognize that you're male; I'm using 'gaj' for perfectly ordinarily gendered people, too, so that's alright, right?

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Loreonpravus--Thanks ^_^
MacAvity-- Thank you very much. Yes, to an extent, I just pretty much realized I can be me and either feel good about it or give myself crap about it. Why make things worse for myself if I don't have to?
Funnyflyby--Yes, you may refer to me using the pronoun "gaj"...especially since when you wrote that, you primarily stated that I am male :D.eeps.

Thank you all.

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YAY, I'm glad for you

YAY, I'm glad for you :-)

eyes slanted like blinking lullabies

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¡Claro que sí, amigo!

¡Claro que sí, amigo!

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yay for eli <3 *hugs* You're

yay for eli <3 *hugs*

You're so beautiful, you made me forget my pick up line. ;)

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Magic Fantastic ---

Magic Fantastic --- THANKS!
Grace Hughen--- Si, si. Gracias. Muchas gracias.
Lamb_da--- YAY back! *super hugs*