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My 7-year-old sister thinks she's getting a laptop for Christmas, and if she doesn't get it, she'll whine about how it's "not faaaay-yurrrr" in that stupid, whiny redneck voice of hers. She pisses me off soo much. Everything is "not faaaay-yurrrr" to her, and the particular whine she says it in makes me want to stick a knife through my eardrums. She doesn't know that my aunt, uncle, and cousin are coming for Christmas. She only knows we're having "secret guests." Why? Because she'll whine how it's "not faaaay-yurrrr" that I'll have someone to hang out with and she won't. (Because we can totally control the fact that my cousin is 17 instead of 7, right?) I overheard her asking my mom if the people who were coming over had kids, and she was NOT happy when my mom said, "Yes, but he's nowhere near your age." SO BRATTY!

She thinks she can run around Walmart and beat the shit out of me just because "kids can do whatever they WANT, and stupid teenagers and grown-ups are STUPID!" And of course, when I ask her to stop, we both get yelled at. What the fuck?

Ohhh, wow. FCG's new facebook picture. I think I'm gonna die. I want to touch her hair again SO BADLY, you guys. I am missing her soooo much! Would it be weird if I went up to her the first day we go back to school and said, "FCG, I MISSED YOU AND YOUR HAIR! PLEEEEEASE, CAN I FEEL IT?" I mean, she loves that kind of thing, so she wouldn't be weirded out... In fact, she'd probably be delighted and allow me to touch it while she listed every single thing she did to it. But everyone else might think it's weird! Surely they've noticed my sudden change of heart towards her. A few months ago I would've never touched her hair or given her any kind of compliment, and now it's practically every day, and we never even argue anymore.

Speaking of hair, yesterday my mother and sister dragged me to go see that cartoon movie Tangled. It was pretty cute, but it made me want to touch FCG's hair. A lot. I was secretly hoping we'd run into her somewhere so I could, but alas, we did not.

I have to clean my room tomorrow. Gross. I hate cleaning! Also, my mom is currently trying to get a CD player from the '90s to work after being stuffed away in a drawer for over a decade. She doesn't understand why it doesn't work. Oh, now it's working. Interesting. Now it's apparently mine. That's pretty cool. I like old stuff like that. Well, it's not really old. I mean, I was made in the '90s! Hahaha. But you get what I'm trying to say, right? I also have a TV from maybe the late '80s in my room, but I didn't choose to have that; it's just the TV I've always had.

Someone please motivate me to exercise. I feel so fat.


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Wait. How, exactly, is cookie-baking good excercise?

Stirring? Um... I can see that, I guess...

Super Duck, the ammount of comments you get is just insane. This is the 36th. I mean, Coming Clean's only got 37!

My freakazoid hasn't arrived yet :(

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Yeahhhh, we'll go with that. Hehehe.

Well, there are over 9000 freakazoids to go through. They have to find the one that suits your preferences perfectly!

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And licking the spoon and bowl clean

yes, I think licking is where most of your calories get burnt from ;)
You are beautiful, in every single way <3

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