Passive Aggressive

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How do you deal with someone who's being passive aggressive towards you?

I don't know what to do. It's someone that I hardly know, but I'm quite certain her attitude's being directed at me. I don't really want to say anything back because there's just no point with PA people, right? I mean, they just do it to get a rise out of you anyways. Also I don't want to give her the impression that I give a shit, because I don't. lol. But I do in a way want her to know that YES I GOT THAT. THANK YOU.

I think it's another case of me being too quiet and not trying enough to be sociable. That tends to piss people off. I'm sorry, I'm just extremely awkward and introverted. I can't help it!


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i slap 'em cross the

i slap 'em cross the face.

but that's just me.

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what i would suggest,

is that if you know this person is being PA towards you, just tell them outright that you get what they are doing. just say "i get it, what the hell is your problem?" of course that's just what i would do.
to answer a question there usually is no reasoning with PA people, they are way too self righteous and pretentious. although we have to remember they are still human and there very well might be a way to dealing with them, although every situation is different. hope this helps somehow.

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My grandma is EXTREMELY

My grandma is EXTREMELY passive aggressive, so I feel your pain. Whenever she gets all passive aggressive, I just ignore her.