poem: disgust

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to think of all people you would be this way
the one that guided every time i went astray

to think that i could not please you
if i could i would change for you

i am who i am and unfortunantly
you would shred sanity unsparingly

the fight between us is a pointless battle
my mind being thrown around like a rattle

to think of all poeple you would be this way
all because i am simply gay

you look of disgut
for your covered in dust
and the strength of trust
indeed a must

to survive the dive
shoes tied cause you lied
tripping then stripping me
of all my pride

yet your increasing disgust
leaves you tracking dust
and the strenght of trust
is such a must

and to think.........of all people..........you would feel this way
all because.......... i am simply...........gay