So hangover-y

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Made mulled wine with my sister today WHICH IS SO FUCKING DELICIOUS GODDAMNIT.

and I have to drink the extras
It's so heavenly

But I've had a bad day so I'm trying to drink the sorrow away and I don't feel much better.

Worst Christmas ever. I don't want to wake up tomorrow because I know exactly how my head will feel

(Sort of like this does but all wrapped up in a ball)


Oh god shoot me
I hate my life right now, my head feels like it was crushed between two semi's.

Birthday is coming up but I just want to fucking sleep. God. Everything hurts. More wine would help.


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Maybe what would help would be perhaps going on a movie date with friends or something. This is Winter Break! The time when you are free and happy and quick and flitty as a bird, ready to do whatever strikes your fancy!
Okay, fine, I'm really REALLY bored right now. NO FREAKIN CLUE what I should be doing. But we should seriously go watch like a movie, like Megamind or something.

No one escapes from life alive

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Well that would be amazing.

I actually heard that movie was pretty good.
Chad, your optimism actually makes me feel good, albeit a little bit sick XD
I am so bored, as well. As much as I want to go drown in video games, talking to Super Duck is really all I do lately XD

I've been hanging out with friends alot, but Ktt is being all
which is making me really sad because it's getting in the way of my birthday. And I hate that :C
and I don't know, I haven't been really sad or anything for a while so I guess it's good to get it out when I'm not at school or something.

But yeah, we should do something. Yall's should send me your phone number or something.
You are beautiful, in every single way <3