So I'm in a bit of an odd bubbly mood. Apologies.

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Hello everybody! I wish I could say that the whole digging-my-finger-nails-into-my-arm-to-calm-down is getting better, but I regret to inform that it is, in fact, worsening. I'm going to talk to the school counselor about it after break cause it'll be easier to talk to him than my mom.
But I'm in a good (relatively) mood today and the above is not why I'm posting this journal.
So, to the point:
Wren, who I'm more-or-less dating, gave me an essay to edit wherein she came out as ftm transgender, but the essay was confusing and I was tired and thus I don't know to what degree. It doesn't matter to me, my feelings for wren hold regardless of gender, but I sort of want to ask wren about it anyway, partially for the sake of better communication (we both have shitty communication skills in general)
This is where YOU come in, dear reader, I need advice on opening the subject without hurting wren's feelings or being to awkward. Please?


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Hey there I have a friend at school and I've been wanting to to her about me so I can just have someone to talk to.

Any way I've been trying to find the right time to talk to her, I don't want any one else to know yet, and It's kind of hard to find a place where we can be alone. So i've decided that if I'm going to tell her i'll try going it in a place where it's too loud for any one else to over hear.

I don't know if this will help you any but I hope it will(^_^) bye.