So maybe this will take away every single friend of mine

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So, yes, the title caught you.

But I shall warn you, I'm not one for random titles. Yes, unfortunately, its going to match my post. Boo. Yes, I know.

Anyway, I am up and awake and normally would be into reading others' journals and commenting. But not tonight. Not after I've had a day like this one.

Anyway, I know I'll lose friends on here for this, so before I disclose anything, I just want to know how many of you would be pissed off at me if I stated what's going on with me.

Otherwise, I may need to just pop in and out of Oasis occasionally. Right now, my interest in real life stuff is limited.


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I'll ALWAYS be here.

I'll NEVER, EVER be pissed off at you for stating what's going on with you. Ever. EVER. EVERRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do you need smileys? Let me know.

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What's to hate? Even if you

What's to hate?

Even if you said everybody on Oasis was a complete jerk we'd just have to shrug and accept that, and we'd still welcome you with open arms and/or inboxes.

Shoot me a pm if you feel like talking, it's up to you.

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So I'll explain what's going

So I'll explain what's going on.

I've been in the three day-a-week intensive therapy treatment for depression and anxiety, exactly three months today. After the New Year, I am scheduled to switch to the three day-a-week intensive therapy treatment for OCD. I feel like everything's moving so fast and I'm not ready. Within two days, I will have transitioned to this new group and start college officially (for a second time).

Which brings me to my next topic at hand--school. Today, I met with my academic advisor. I left out the part about why I had to leave school and such. And I tried to say how I wanted to start slow, not a full load. But apparently, without taking a full load of courses, I cannot get tuition aid benefits nor health insurance. So I'm exactly where I was a few months ago, about to start four classes. And I'm not ready.

I'm feeling so especially depressed and have been these last two weeks. There's that inkling of thought among my treatment team for my current group that I'm trying to stay depressed in order to stay in group longer. But this is not so.

I was just so stressed after I picked all my classes that my urges skyrocketed. Today, they weren't just the semi-harmful passing/fleeting thoughts but the more imminent ones. And as much as I'll try to tell my treatment team at therapy, they're still thinking I'm doing this to stay longer.

And they have people on their waiting list, so I have to leave so others can get help. I'm sorry, but I could careless about my obsessive thoughts at the moment. I think, well, I'm PRETTY DARN SURE that this stuff is more important.

On Facebook, I've wanted to post a new profile picture but I can't. Because I hate how I don't look like the pretty, put-together person I was in my picture in June or so when my last picture was taken.

If you've gotten to reading to this part of my post--props to you.


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Eli, why would I ever un-friend you for that?

Now's a time you really need Oasis. And smileys. I sent you some in PM form, but there were a couple stragglers.
:D ;) :) ;D
I'm always here with my open inbox. Always.

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The spam filter hates me.

The spam filter hates me. PM'd comment.

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Why is it...

That everybody seems to trip off the spam filter but me? And the spammers, of course. But seriously, I never get stopped by the filter. Maybe a dsi can get past it?

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it's funny how the users get blocked by the filter and the spammers get through the filter. but of course i've never had the misfortune of triping it. :) LOL!

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Off to bed for me. I'll be back on here in the mornin'

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Gnt. *hugs some more* see you in the morning if I have time.

Which I probably won't. But... definitely tomorrow night.

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and this is where i become

and this is where i become confused.

why would we not want to be your friend anymore?

You're so beautiful, you made me forget my pick up line. ;)

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I would agree with funnyflyby

and say that now's the time you need Oasis.

Oasis is for the good, the bad, and the ugly. Use it however and whenever you need it.

Anyways, good luck with with it and school!

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They don't sound as good outside my head

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Hey. Hugs for you. Sounds

Hugs for you. Sounds like you could use them.

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Sometimes you can be

Sometimes you can be enrolled as a full time student for benefits while taking less than 12 credits because of medical necessity. I can't remember what it's called. Maybe you should see about taking some non academic courses so you don't get completely overloaded.