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Okay hi all, to some of you that know me and others who don't. Ok here's the thing.

I've got this friend at school, she's one of my best friends, I really think I can trust her but I feel like I'm rushing things. Ya see I only found out that It's posible that I could be transexual this week and I've been told that it's possible i'm not all that transexual and I could be making a big deal about nothing.
But then I think it's not as simple as all that (if that seemed at all) you see I don't have all that much luck with making friends and then those that I do make arn't all that close. So i'm thinking that telling her will not only show her that I really trust her but it can also really really be my best friend someone who I can talk to about anything and everything. After all telling you all about it is one thing but telling and talking to someone else about it is something else entierly.

(sigh) I'm sorry if it seems like I'm rammbling but I usually don't have anyone to tell about this stuff and I'm still kinda panicy since finding out more about myself.

Your opinion would be greatly appreciated thankyou(^_^)

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Test the waters before

Test the waters before diving in. That's my advice.

And just so you know, stuff like this, that applies to you specifically, usually belongs in a Journal - Forum Topics are more for stuff that applies to everybody. But it's good to see you're still writing. Keep at it!

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I'll agree with MacAvity,

and add that you may want to wait a little. If this person asks, 'How long have you known?', and the answer is a week... Idaknow. Though it seems that telling would be a good idea at some time soon. Just... yeah.
I don't generally pay any attention to whether it's a forum topic or a journal entry at all. I access everything through Recent Posts, anyway.

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Thanks fo the input and

Thanks fo the input and sorry about putting this in the forum when it belongs it the journals but what do you mean by testing the waters? and Funnyflyby I think your right. I should wait a little. you know so I can better explore what I'm going through right now.
(^_^) bye for now

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