'That doesn't exist!' Woww.

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Okay, I'll actually try and compose this journal to adress all the things I intend it to before I get all delirious. So-
1. I haven't been keeping up with Oasis so well, sorry. JayJay has been somewhat... I don't know, obsessed about having sleepovers with me. Last night, and 3 nights ago both. And 2 nights ago I plain ol' didn't have anything to really say, and I was exhausted. So sorry if I've been slow about answering anyone who talks to me.
2.Today's Jay's birthday! (That's the reason for the sleepover last night; we were counting down 'till midnight. It's been a tradition since 3rd grade, and it must be honored sacredly.(Is that a word?)
3.I have a new cousin, born on the 26th! I'm happy... though I had to babysit the other 2 cousins (ages 5+ 6) yesterday for a VERY long time...
4.I miss BDAY... whinewhinewhines nobody wants to hear.
5.The POINTof this journal: Mother opinion on genderness! Aren't we all so very happy...not. I hope I don't piss Shelby off again*gulp*
So.. As I said, my brother decided blee/bler/blis is the new gender-neutral pronoun, and I was debating whether or not to adopt it. There are pros and cons.
So, today I was sitting there reading a book and my mom suddenly leans close to me and whispers,'I know you're female.You'll figure it all out soon.' So I asked, of course, 'What do you mean?' (Gotta see how much is KNOWN!)
'Well, I think you've been having some... gender questioning issues lately.'(No duh. I've been correcting you every time you call me 'she'.)
'Um... it's not really questioning. I'm a gajindiak, or androgynous-'
'Androgyny doesn't EXIST! How would you even KNOW?!'
'How doesn't it exist? And I know, okay?'
'You know you're female?'
'I know I have a female BODY.'
'Well, anyway, I know you'll be comfortable in it eventually.What matters is that you keep faith in God,wholoves you whatever body.You're female, though.'
So now God loves me whether I know I'm female or not. Oh-So-comforting.


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'Androgyny doesn't EXIST!

'Androgyny doesn't EXIST! How would you even KNOW?!'

LOL denial much
if it doesn't exist why is there a word for it

"pleasure is absolute, pain is relative."

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Hey, hey, hey

I told you I have no problem with you being androgyn. I have a problem with denying that you're female (As in, your body/sex) and forcing other people to use gaj :P

You can be whatever you are, durrrrr. Your mom's being insensitive. Tell her to stop picking fights with you or something.
You are beautiful, in every single way <3

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"Keep faith in God, who

"Keep faith in God, who loves you whatever body. You're female, though."

NEWS: Mother declares God has low standards but prefers vagina.

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This comment made my morning.

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*hugs* so many sleepovers!

so many sleepovers! I haven't had one in a year, maybe more, I would say.

Happy birthday, JayJay!
Dumb question, does JayJay know about you / about Oasis?

As for your Mom, I think denial is a common thing and its hard for some "outsiders" to grasp that although you may physically female, that your sex is female, it doesn't mean your GENDER is female. I read a great quote about it yesterday on Twitter from genderfork : "Mostly male in the head and female in the presentation."
That's what I consider to be the case for me, too, I guess/ I think.

And i think that whole thing with religion and you just not knowing your gender is female, as in you are female you just havent figured it out yet, is a load of crap--I'm sorry. The religion thing makes sense in that many people turn to religion when it comes to explaining this stuff--explaining in the sense that they say it cannot be that youre androgynous or not your born sex because thats not what our religion says, blahblahblah.

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by the way, I've missed you

by the way, I've missed you here, so much, funnyflyby.
I miss seeing your name pop up under ONLINE USERS.
and uncertain, I loved that comment of yours.

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Yeah, thank you, Uncertain!

I needed that. I'll never be able to look at a church the same way again XD
And JayJay knows about me, but not Oasis.
Oh, the mother-denial continues... it's almost funny, actually. My mom makes a point to always be like, 'I'm open to gay people, one of my coworkers is lesbian and I don't care, it's fine, etc. and then still won't see anything about me. Mmmhmm...