Things We Can't Know About Strangers (or non-strangers)

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There's a thought that's been floating around in my head... one of the simplest yet most astounding things to think about.
Each person in the world has a life they live. Each life connects with so many others, and we don't even know about most of them in any way. There'll be a person who reads this journal. Your life doesn't connect with mine in any big way. Yet you read my thoughts, and that gives us a tiny link. I have a whole life I'm going though, and you have yours. You don't know a huge amount, but you connected in some way. And (I hope) you don't hate me from reading this, yet there are so many things that people judge others on when they only connect a little. And you can't ever fully understand every single thing about someone. So who knows what you'd think? For example, a car drove past my house. I didn't see it, just heard the car noise through my window. I know someone was driving that car. But I don't know so many things about them. Such as:
Male or female?
Conservative or liberal?
Queer or straight?
Red Sox or Yankees?
And so, so much more.
All these can determine people's opinions about others. And this one, random person has lived, and is living, a life. One that probably has nothing to do with me. Except that they drove by my house and made me think. So many people in the world, so many lives... I'm in a deep-thinking kind of mood.


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this is a very beautiful

this is a very beautiful thought :)

You're so beautiful, you made me forget my pick up line. ;)

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thanks :) I had to share it...

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You know...

I thought about that like 6 months ago, and was meaning to post a journal about it, but never did.
It is a very interesting thought, isn't it?

No one escapes from life alive

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Reading this I thought about how there's a divide and gap between all of us- that I alone can know my own inner world and experience. But the amazing thing is when we share our worlds as much as possible, knowing it isn't possible to ever truly "know", wonderful things happen.

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Yes, but Do those things

Yes, but
Do those things (age, sexuality, gender) have anything to do with knowing a person? And is judgement really a bad thing?
People project themselves to reflect who they want to be/who they are, why can't I judge them?

Not disagreeing with your thoughts - just want to further discussion.

as small as a wish in a well.

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Yes, exactly!

You can judge them. I wasn't saying anything in particular about judging. The thing is, people try and show things about themselves for themselves just as much as for other people. Without an idea of who you are, you're lost. You have no way of deciding opinions of the world, because you have nothing to compare them to.
I've thought this journal so many times, for years, probably. I'm so glad I finally got to share!

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this is the kind of reason i dont like it when strangers get angry at each other, cuase you dont know what this other person has been through or how their day has been, or what may have just found out.

"A loving man and woman in a committed relationship can marry. Dogs, no matter what their relationship, are not allowed to marry. How should society treat gays and lesbians in committed relationships? As dogs or as humans?"

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At this exact moment... something I've never before observed: It seems that other than myself, Oasis is completely abandoned!

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Anyway... this topic seems to be related to the thoughts that typically flood my mind as I'm on a road trip and view along the way residences without end... imagining that each holds at least one unique (hopefully happy) family. The number is incalculable... and I feel a certain loss that I'm not actively able to share in their individual joys, or not to be able to ameliorate any distress that may reside within.

I continue on my way... never knowing... and feeling apart.

I yearn to share just some of their experiences... but not like The Borg!