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Four more days until I'm off my PEP medication. It has so many side effects man. I feel so tired, and I caught a flu too... in summer (it lowers both the red and white blood cell count... and its summer in New Zealand). I'm always zoned out, and it kind of gets me in an odd (slightly down) mood. I'm having the 6 week test for HIV around Christmas, and I've got my mind off it for a while. I got back into a bit of German and enrolled in Spanish classes next year. I've been going out heaps (everyday) just to distract myself. Besides the medication it has mostly been good news.

Last night I was at a party. The host was a lesbian, and all the guys there were gay lol. Biggest concentration of gay people ever! I was there with T, we're pretty much a couple now, whatever you want to call it. We don't like to suddenly decide its official, because its so forced. But we both agreed its exclusive and he's already calling me his boyfriend (and I think soon vice versa). T is awesome, he's pretty quirky. He came to a surprise dinner and then a 21st with me on Saturday and my friends really liked him (very important). He's from New Zealand (parents Dutch and Irish) and he has green eyes and curly hair. I like how laid back both of us are, and not having to latch onto each other at parties etcetera. We're pretty much on the same page - and we're taking the week off each other just so we can do our own things too, none of the suffocating-always-in-your-face-kind-of-thing.

JS has been annoyed at me cause I haven't been gyming. I really should go tomorrow. He even brought gym gear in for me today because I stayed at T's, but I didn't end up going. I feel fat and useless even though I know I'm not. Probably the opposite, but I can't help it - so many of my friends are vain or health freaks - and I think appearance is so important. I feel bad even writing about it. Writing about things... feels like making an excuse... like a confession almost.

Oh, and my last three grades are out from university. A+, A and A! If I keep that up next year I'll probably be invited into the honours programme for politics and philosophy. I have to bump my law GPA up though. But yeah, see, things have been going well. And because I'm bat shit crazy I decided I will complete a Spanish Diploma on top of my conjoint law and arts degree... in the same time frame. I will prove to you its possible.

Argh, must sleep now. I'm coughing like I'm about to die and I'm getting a headache. Night.