This can be my journal for yesterday, right?

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See, I intended to post this last night but I was so exhausted I fell asleep immediately. So here is the thing that's causing me to hate my friends, who I've complained about before, Clueless Friend and Other Friend! We were all at Other Friend's house until 10:30 or so last night. Something random activity-wise we did was Google Image our first names. Just to see whaat showed up. For Clueless Friend's, there was a lingerie company, with a LOT of models wearing far too little on Google Images. Disgusted, I said, "Why is it neccesary to have these on Google? For crazy obsessive people to stare at their bodies?" Other Friend corrected me. "For crazy obsessive lesbos, you mean. That's who does it." WHAT?!? Was that called for in any way? Before I can say anything, Other Friend's name is being Imaged. Lots of glamorous actress-people, but at the lower part of the screen there's a picture of 2 women kissing. "YAAAH! Look away!" Clueless Friend shrieks as she covers the picture with her hand. "What was it?" I ask, because she'd spotted it before I had. "IT WAS LESBOS KISSING!!!" So it continued. With most names, there was a picture like that somewhere in the first 2 pages. "LESBO ALERT! Yadda yadda yadda." I got particularly angry when they started playing, 'I Kissed A Girl' in the background and discussing how screwy (word replacement) it was.
I'm sorry this is long. Anger needed letting out.


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So...why are you still their

So...why are you still their friend?

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I don't know!

Other Friend is worse... and she's coming over in 1/2 hr. Oh, joy. I just can't think of a good excuse to stop being her friend. I honestly don't think Clueless Friend is all that bad, just under pressure from Other Friend. I can't tell Other anything... though I plan to discuss this with her tonight. Why was I not asked if I wanted a sleepover? Not only am I sick of her, I can't go on Oasis.
As soon as an unquestionable reason to have a fight with her, I'm using it.

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MacAvity stole the words

MacAvity stole the words right from my...fingers? >.>

You're so beautiful, you made me forget my pick up line. ;)

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My nephew, who I get along with so well, uses the phrase "that's gay" all the time! I don't hate him for it because I know that's what teenagers say these days *eye roll* and I know he doesn't really mean anything by it, but I do wish he'd stop using it around me. It irks me every time. So I can relate. I imagine his reaction would be much the same as your friends if it were two guys kissing.

I'd say either let it go, after all they're just stupid (straight) teens, or speak up one of these times and tell them how ridiculous it is for them to act so immature. Good luck either way!

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