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hi all
long time since i have written I have been dating a beautiful lesbian for a year and a half she also is in a chair and has cerebral palsy too like me its been going well we have been through our ups and downs deaths of family members and her college roomate suddenly last year but we are in this for the long haul i am smiling like the day I met her last september she still gives me butterflys


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I don't believe I've heard from you before. I'm glad things are going well, though I'm sorry about the deaths...

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Ahhh...dunno if you remember

Ahhh...dunno if you remember me...do you?!

CONGRATS. I'm so happy to hear that. and its wonderful hearing from you :)

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CONGRATS! i haven't heard

CONGRATS! i haven't heard from you in a while. i don't know if you remember me either. if you do thats great, if not, well ill reintroduce myself. lol. i'm happy that you've found someone special.

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wow... I have not logged

wow... I have not logged onto this site for over a year, but I did tonight, and it made me so happy to read this journal entry. I'm glad you found someone to love you for who you are... and thanks for sharing your story.

: )