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Here is an interesting discussion a friend and I had today. Keep in mind that she somehow refuses to even begin to comprehend the idea that I'm seriously gay but still says things like this.

Me: What would you do if you were me?
Her: Hmm... I'd get a tattoo of Robert Pattinson on your ass and put glitter on it every day to make it sparkle.
Me: What?
Her: Oh, and while I was you, I'd go up to that FCG you talk about, confess your love, and ask her out.
Me: WHAT!?
Her: Well, you asked what I'd do if I were you!

The freakazoid and I talked a lot today. She also called herself ugly once, so I made sure to tell her that she wasn't. (Every time she calls herself ugly, my immediate response is something along the lines of, "No, you are NOT!" Sometimes this happens before she even finishes her sentence.)

So, she was reading something for class and all of a sudden she leaned wayyy over to me while continuing to talk. She was like, inches away from my face. I got all freaked out, so she playfully tossed an eraser (?) at me, but she missed, and it bounced off the wall, hitting her in the face instead. She then wanted to know if I have ever considered facebook stalking her. (I facebook stalk EVERYONE, so naturally, I have, but I didn't know whether or not to tell her that.) I asked if she wanted me to, and she said it wouldn't bother her at all. She was also quite disappointed in me for not having my real driver's license yet. :(

At the risk of sounding lame, I feel so happy when I'm with her. It doesn't matter what we talk about, just as long as we aren't arguing. We haven't argued in a really long time, actually. I just hate it when she pays a bunch of attention to IG, which is bad since IG and I are almost becoming friend-ish type things now. I don't think we've even so much as called each other names this entire school year. I mean, we're in hell history class together, and our history class is a TEAM! YEAH! Well, something like that, anyway. We at least all have to be pleasant to each other if we want to swap answers for the insane worksheets and such...

IG actually isn't so bad. I mean, yeah, I do want to punch her when she, without studying, aces the chemistry test I studied three hours for and got a C on. Other times that I want Chuck Norris to roundhouse kick her in the mouth include when she ignores the fact that girly lesbians and manly gay guys are really and truly gay too, when she touches FCG, and when she calls herself fat despite being the most in-shape and athletic girl I've ever met. Other than that, she's really not that awful or irritating anymore, but I don't feel like changing her nickname, so she'll forever be Irritating Girl, I suppose.

Oooh, shit, chemistry. I forgot. Yeah, there's a test tomorrow... Ugh. I think I know this stuff a little bit. Maybe, if I'm lucky, anyway, which is something I am absolutely not known to be.


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What's it on? I might be

What's it on? I might be able to help you. I love Chemistry.

I shouldn't love you but i want to, I just can't turn away
I shouldn't see you, but I can't move, I can't look away
~Jesse McCartney "Just so you know"

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Calculating empirical

Calculating empirical formulas

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Oh oh oh that was my

Oh oh oh that was my favourite unit! I got 100% on the unit test. Which is the first time I've gotten perfect on a test since my grade 2 spelling tests.

You know what you should do? Mock ask FCG out. Just for fun?

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I think I either aced it or

I think I either aced it or made like, a 50. I don't know. It seemed way too easy...