A few days away acts like a Vacation on Oasis

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I hate how people are leaving oasis, it makes me sad how the group may get even smaller without them. I understand that if you wont to go then that is you'r option but oh well. I may be only young to Oasis but i already feel attached to everybody. Sometimes it is like the highlight of my day.

Anyhow i like this guy but

What the hell do i do. This guy on my bus is quite cute and i feel suddenly attracted to him. But this time i actually want to take ACTION. You know do at least something then being all shy little book guy that says nothing. But i really im clueless a what to do. I mean what to say and should i do this and what if he thinks im strange and everything that fills my paranoid teenage mind. I feel completely lost in what to do. Even if we became friends that would be cool because i well have hardly any male friends. Why do i worry soo ever much. I mean i am half freaked out to just say hi to the guy. But i must carry on and let things come. I am getting sick of being wallpaper now.


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just say hi! start a

just say hi! start a conversation. say something nice. he's on your bus. sit near him. small steps. you can do it! =D *cheerleads*

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Ugh, that happens to me all

Ugh, that happens to me all the time (seeing someone attractive and not being able to work up the nerve to talk to them, etc.) so I'm not really someone to take advice from. Good luck, though!

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I had a crush on a boy on my

I had a crush on a boy on my bus last semester, I hope I'll see him again...

If you talk to yours I'll talk to mine, deal? :)

"pleasure is absolute, pain is relative."

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sorry its late i saw him today and well he didn't look as great as i recalled
and i think he is avoiding me so..