An interesting form of exercise...

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Well, I feel like I haven't exercised in a long time, and I should… thing is, it's 8:00 and there's nothing to do. Suddenly, I spot a random goofy thing of my brother's that I haven't thought of in ages! FUN SLIDES!
So now I've cleared off my bedroom floor and am carpet skating. Well, c'mon, my two favorite forms of exercise have always been ice and roller skating, so it stands to reason that I think this is equally awesome.
(Google 'Fun Slides'.)
I have done pretty much nothing this entire weekend… I've read a total of seven full books and about 500 pages of free samples. I've bought 12 books… This is what happens when I have unsupervised access through a Barnes & Noble nook. I get carried away.
*skates around some more*
Why is it that asterisks can be used in so many ways? Who thought of them in the first place?
My Latin book has been found! Jammed into a shoerack! Go figure.
I'm in a mood where nothing seems important. Life is just for eating chocolate, carpetskating, and obsessively reading. My mind just goes off on these random tangents-Hey! What do you call your stepparent's parent? A stepgrandparent? But wouldn't that be if a grandparent remarried?
↑ See?
The books went onto my mother's credit card… I'm going to get in trouble, and end up selling things on eBay.
*skates some more*
What have I eaten today? I don't really remember… not enough. So I'll just eat more chocolate.
Ah, how I've missed this Latin book. Now I'll stop obsessively downloading. I'll just obsessively review Latin.
Okay, my dad made 'sweet potato bread'. WHAT is SWEET POTATO BREAD? And why does it smell so awful to me when everybody else loves the scent? I'm the only person I know who hates the smell of baking bread…
Hi. I'm Flyby. My brain is unable to focus, and is instead acting like a hummingbird that drank too much coffee.
My DSi is making a slight hissing noise…
Okay, stopping journalrant now. Sorry for the hyperactivity/randomness.


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*has always wanted fun

*has always wanted fun slides* they look like SO much fun!!!!

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They are SO much fun!!!

You should so get them... Note: They do NOT work as snowshoes. At all.
They also do not work on hardwood floors or on gravel.

Yeah. My brother and I got them for Christmas when I was nine... rediscovery! HA!