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Everyone but my family knows that I'm gay. Even my brothers best friend and girlfriend know lol, oy!

This August I'm going to Singapore for my last year of my business degree. I was hoping to let my family know a few months before I leave. I want to avoid telling them the night before though.. cuz' I would think from my parents point of view it would be insane to have your only daughter tell you that she's gay, and then let her go and hop on a plane to another continent the next day lol, I know I'd freak out, with a thousand thoughts/questions/concerns running through my head.

I don't have to tell them. But, I feel like I want to let them know now... just as a little fyi about me I guess lol.

And in the end, I feel that they'd appreciate knowing sooner than later. I've had friends that I've come out to that were sad and even a little upset at me for not telling them sooner... I feel like my parents would feel the same way at first. And at the same time, I think they would feel relieved. I know they worry about me sometimes. My parents aren't blind, I'm sure that they probably already have a good idea already that I am gay. I honestly don't try to hide it, I'm just not noisy about it. Nevertheless, it will be nice to let them know that they have nothing to worry about.

As for my brothers, telling them will be a piece of cake... I've got the support of their friends and one of their girlfriends already lol


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:) Are your parents/brothers

Are your parents/brothers generally accepting?

Glad to hear this. :).
Good luck and good job so far.


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Thank ya! and sorry I took

Thank ya! and sorry I took so long to respond, I had forgotten that I had written an entry lol it's been a while.

and oh ya, my family will be perfectly fine with it all. I actually suspect that my parents already know. I just haven't formally told them myself.

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its okay. ah, that's cool

its okay.

ah, that's cool though.
we're still here for ya :)