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I keep intending to post this... but there's always another new post to read. I've gotta post it at some pint, though...
I'm really sad and happy at the same time. Why?
A while ago I mentioned that my 'cousins'' dad died... well, it turns out it was suicide. With a gun... how awful...
Apparently the guy had been having an affair and was discovered... divorced... disgraced... and then dead. Oh... but with two kids, and a sucessful buisness, and an ex-wife who wasn't even hateful about it... and TWO KIDS!
I talked on the phone with the 10 year old daughter today. It absolutely amazed me how positive people can be while experiencing the worst time of their lives. It amazes me that a little girl can still laugh at my stupid, trying-hard jokes after something so traumatic. I'm so proud of my 'cousin', who can just say, 'Oh, I'm repainting my room tomorrow. The wall is going to be blue now.' And still acknowledge what happened, mourn, but not let it rule every thought. That's what makes me happy.
I didn't know the man who died very well. Just the kids and ex-wife who were hurt by the death. I may be going to visit them soon, in upstate NY. We would've been there earlier, if not for my aunt having an inconveniently timed baby...
I'm just hoping that I can arrive to support my 'cousins' by Martin Luther King's day at the very latest.
Siiigh... Ah.


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sorry to here about that

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the power of people never

the power of people never ceases to amaze me. It's beautiful to observe how people survive. My mom once said that the worst things happen to the best people because the rest of us couldn't handle it.