Big ftm change

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So I just made a big change that who knows who'll notice, but still. So, I can't change my Sex to Male or my name to Eli on facebook because I have relatives and such who'd then see and either know I'm trans and beat me to coming out (as in, they'd tell my parents), or they'd think someone hacked my account.

So, I decided to make the first of many changes...I changed my profile picture, which I had been intending to do anyway, to a less-girly photo of me. Previously, I had a senior photo of me with straight hair and I think I put on makeup that day and wearing a purple "blouse". I changed it to one of me in the snow with a hockey stick and I'm wearing jeans, large hiking boots (YES, they're unisex) and then a green sweatshirt and my hair is up in a ponytail and I hid my earrings (my mom INSISTED I wear them for the photo, and I had to bite my tongue to keep from saying "Would you say that to your sons (I have male siblings)?"

Anyway, I think its one of the few more recent photos I have of myself. I think I could pass.

Hello, Eli.


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that's awesome. those kinds

that's awesome. those kinds of little steps feel like the greatest victories. ^^

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win. victory count +1

win. victory count +1 Personally, I just have a second Facebook profile.

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Good photos :D
Ayumi, are you actually keeping a count? I should make a chart for when you say that XD

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nope! Just thought it would

nope! Just thought it would fit. XD

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A small change to others, a

A small change to others, a huge leap for you in your journey into what you are

~ It's a cosmic joke that I'm a lesbian, because I understand men so well but women are a complete mystery to me.