Brilliant Mistakes

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Dear Oasis,

Lately I've found myself in a bad spot- many mistakes I've made, many people I've lost. But through my pain, I have seen one thing shine through.

My life has moved forward. I'm no longer in a self-destructive rut that I'd found myself in before. I have been sacked by a man who turned me on to drugs, and hated by many of his friends who encouraged me to continue. I still smoke cigarettes, but I've not succumbed to some of the more... deadly others since. (Not something I'd like to talk about in detail.)

I feel good about myself, and another girl has found her way into my heart. She's lovely, sweet, and equally revolutionary as myself (Anarchy in the USA!). She encourages me to continue with my healthy habits. She probably won't kill me either. XD

Because of stupid things I'd done and said to lose people I loved, I found out how horrible they were and how wonderful my future could be. Brilliant mistakes that make the world a much brighter place. Maybe the spirits are in my favour after all.