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So here in england it has just turned 4 o clock and i am not tired at all. Listening to abba for some reason and whilst most people are intoxicated out of their minds i am well plain sober.

New years is always funny as you can almost feel everybody's heads coming up with those new years resolutions that will probably only end come mid feb. Must lose weight or don't get stressed and start a gym blah bah.

So here is my news years resolution

I want a Boyfriend

No correct that somebody who i can love but " agree's " with me. Thats all


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And... My New Year's Wish... that that boyfriend will materialize. Hopefully much sooner than you now think!

If you admire someone at a distance for whatever reason: the way he speaks, the way he walks so gracefully, the music he enjoys, the way he pays attention to small details, the way he displays empathy for others, his unique dress style (not copycat... but creative, idiosyncratic)...

Don't hesitate! Introduce yourself and let it be known that you'd truly like to get to know him. The chances are very good that he'll see you in a quite similar light.

But do not rush... Just work at getting to know each other. If boyfriend/boyfriend doesn't develop... this is life: Just keep trying!

Did you abandon your planned party? "T"?

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Oh thank you

Oh thank you very good advice thanks. Well you will be glad to hear that i am finally over T! I just saw another side to him that was really arrogant and could not bothered to keep daydreaming over a guy i know i wont get ( i don't care anymore now). But so he did not come to the party but a quite a lot did and it was better then i expected and everybody was really friendly about it. I think it helped me with getting to know more people so i am glad i did it.

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Great! Pleased to hear this...

Keep up being a social animal :)

My fingers are crossed that true friends (maybe... even boyfriends) will soon spring from the woodwork :)