Count 'em...1,2,3,4...10!

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So I know its been a bit since I last did one of these, so here goes...
and not saying this to single anyone out, but I'm not going to share my mood, I'm just giving a quick update before I fall asleep. So, comments are welcome but you don't have to if you don't want to.

1) Tomorrow, after about 4 months, I will be "graduating" from this current therapy group I'm in.
2) After this one I move onto another one, don't know my exact starting date just yet, but soon.
3) Tomorrow I'm meeting up with the friend of mine who has my binder.
4) Its been an emotionally heavy time for me (no, its not even that time of the month).
5) I cried today, for the first time in a while, because I feel so ridiculously worn out after just a handful of days in school.
6) Today was different than any other day.
7) Saw another horror movie not by my choosing. I'm praying that this will be the last of them (we've had to watch them in class) and that I won't have nightmares/flashbacks.
8) I think I found out who I am.
9) Yesterday I couldn't take the bus and my parents didnt want to drive in the inclement weather so I walked home in the snowstorm.
10) Tomorrow, I'm going to a "party"/gathering/celebration thing for the GLBT club at my school. So nervous but excited.


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'I think I found out who I

'I think I found out who I am.' - just buried in there, number eight? That sounds like a life-changing revelation - one that many if not most people never have in their lives! You're either being extremely poetic or extremely evasive, tucking it in there like that!

(I'm fascinated, but I understand it may be of such a very personal nature, so I won't actually ask.)

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"today was different than

"today was different than any other day" seems ridiculously deep, for such as simple statement.
ditto to macavity.