Dong. Please excuse my lalalaness.

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Okay, I find if I attempt to formulate understandable sentences I'm able to. I must try consciously, though, and I prefer not to.
Note:Bday's actual full name is beautiful, and I want to type it. I want to think it.I will go and replace the lovely name with Bday every time…
Okay: There was a SchoolDaaance today. I normally do not attend things like that at all, but Shneer promised to wear the MagicPants, so I had to come…I'll explain the MagicPants, but not now.Remind me later.
Other reason:Bday had said,'I'm coming!'and I wanted to see the Awesomeness one more time before the Whole Weekend.
For far too long, Bday didn't show up. I was sad. Simple as that.I spent the whole time running around with Clueless,Other, and a new girl who we were showing around and explaining the World to.Yeah…and being badgered to'Ask Shneer to dance! He really likes you!He's just nervous!'And being pushed toward the poor Shneer repeatedly. Gah.Annoying.I was looking for Bday…
Finally. The dance almost 3/4 through, Bday shows.And my brain bzzted away…lala.I was just following Clueless around before that and dodging the Shneer+Flyby fans…but I then had a new person to follow around…and a little closely…not too closely, but as in there were no people Obstructing My View of the Bdayness.
And then somehow everybody formed a conga line. And I was right behind Bday. And my hands went on BDAY'S SHOULDERS. I came really close to fainting… the closest, best view of Bday I've ever had…Ohlalala the euphoria…and la… the conga line broke…I ran up to Clueless and almost screamed, 'DID YOU ORCHESTRATE THAT?!?!'
Clueless started laughing, and laughing…
Afterwards,I couldn't keep the LaLa off my face,and Other declared,'You LIKE someone!'
Duh,I'm staring after Bday…walking away…
Shneer must say,'No…WHO you checking out!?'
'Oh, she's gone now.'CLUELESS!
Other yelled'GAJ'during the 'she'. Phew.
I'm looking at my hands in wonder. Bzzzzt…


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Oh, well do I remember the

Oh, well do I remember the days of adoring stalking and gravitation and fleeting euphoria and everything revolving, orbiting, around one incomparable person... I do hope this goes well for you. I hope I hope I hope I hope.

I saw a girl wearing a panda hat today. It made me think of you and Bday.

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Teehee, thank you.

I appreciate it... panda hats!

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as always, mac just has to

as always, mac just has to beat me to the punch :P

You're so beautiful, you made me forget my pick up line. ;)