Double Journal!!!

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Because I'm an idiot, I forgot to post my actual journal for yesterday. As it isn't too long…double.
Ya-HAH! I got a haircut, FINALLY! I'm so happy ♪ that's a music note in case it doesn't show up correctly on your computer. My hair is not as short as I'd wanted… agh, it's still really touching my neck in the back. In the front, though, it's only at my upper cheek, so YAY!
It still looks a little feminine, but so much better. I could be a guy with longish hair or a girl with shortish hair. WhoHOO! I'm really happy! *dances crazily*
Okay. Yeah, that was all I wanted to say yesterday.
Still lovin' the haircut! And oh, my grandmother sure freaked me out!
My grandparents decided to take my brother and I out for lunch, so… yeah, we were all four seated at a table that was covered in our stuff. I started feeling claustrophobic so I moved over to the tablenext to us (It wasn't a very full place.) So I was just listening to my grandparents talking, and they referred to me as 'she' at some point and I just said, 'Gaj…'
My grandmother (This is the non-psycho grandma, by the way) got up and sat at the other table with me.
Grandmother, also known as Nana(whispering): You know what people will think if you keep telling them not to call you 'she', right?
Me (nervously): Uh… what?
Nana: That you're bisexual.
If I'd still been eating I so would've choked… Gaak! Acting skills time!
Me: Uh, Nana, I think you've got your terms wrong.
Nana: What? No, do you know what that means? (Without waiting for an answer) It means, like, both-gendered, or no-gendered.
Me: You're confused. 'Bisexual' means 'sexually attracted to members of both sexes'. There are bisexual males and females. You mean 'androgynous', and I'm fine with people thinking that because it's true.
Nana:Oh. So why not 'bisexual'?
Me: Because that's about sexuality. We're talking gender.
Nana: Oh, everybody only talks about sex now-longrant

I'm just wondering how I got out of that one.


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*huggle* My hair is a little


My hair is a little bit shorter than yours :P

You're so beautiful, you made me forget my pick up line. ;)

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grandparents are lols

grandparents are lols

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haha, grandparents are the

haha, grandparents are the best. in that awkward, horrible way/

congratss on the haircut!!

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Thanks, people.

lamb_da- I'll trade! I want it off of my head!
Uncertain and whateversexual_llama- yeah, definitely. Haha!

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Oh man you should have seen

Oh man you should have seen me last year in may. It was so freaking short!!!

You're so beautiful, you made me forget my pick up line. ;)

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Ohmygoodness I'm proud of

Ohmygoodness I'm proud of you funnyflyby. For getting through that ridiculously tough moment with Nana because even in writing it sounds strenuous which means it was probably like taking packing tape off a box. (Okay, weird analogy, but they're both REALLY hard to do).

Sorry I can't respond to your PM yet, about to head out for a bit, and so I could only respond quickly. And for PMs (not pms), if I open it now there's now way to say I Want it marked as unread for later and I'm afraid I'll forget to respond which would be wondrously awful. Seriously.

Okay. End of rant for now.

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Haha, thanks-and I know what you mean!

About both the packing tape and the PMs. Haha, sounds like a Super Duck title: Packing Tape and Private Messages.
Anyway, if you forget I'll just send you another as a reminder. I've been wanting a Mark as Unread option... maybe that can be added during the Oasis-remodeling thing? Huh?
But yes, and thanks :D