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guess who just got their permit? and guess who drove around a parking lot and down their street? and guess who backed into their driveway and didn’t hit their dads car? not me :-(

actually i lied...i did get my permit!!!!!!!!!! :-P


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(applause in background)

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Bravo to you

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haha thanks guys! i'm so

haha thanks guys! i'm so excited! i've been wanting to drive for so long. i've been asking my mom to let me drive since i was about 9. i just feel bad for the people who fall under the 18 law. i don't know if this is anywhere else than maryland, but if you were born after a certain date you can no longer get your permit at15 and 9 months. you have to wait until your 17 and 9 months. :-(

try not to regret anything...because at one point it was exactly what you wanted