Haircuts? If I can convince them I need it.

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I really want to get a haircut I think. Well, it changes on my day and my mood. At the moment I'm sure I'm male. So I want to get a haircut. Not a buzz cut. But I have thick and curly/wavy dark brown hair.

I'm trying to find a celebrity picture for some sort of hairstyle that I might want. That's step number one.

Step number two? Convince my parents that's the haircut I want.


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best of luck. i have the

best of luck. i have the same type of hair (suuper curly tho) and i keep it short, around my ears sort of. but it looks pretty "feminine" most of the time.

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go for ittt. it looks

go for ittt. it looks super-good on the face that my imagination decided you have. ^^

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it looks super-good on the face that my eyes decided you have XD But yeah... haircuts all around! We can be Happy Haircut people and party together!
(Psycho mood alert.)

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If you've got curlywavy hair

If you've got curlywavy hair and don't straighten it, you should probably either leave it a little bit long, like down to your jaw, or make it really short. Like not buzzcut short but above your ears. Good luck with the haircut thing though =3

~ It's a cosmic joke that I'm a lesbian, because I understand men so well but women are a complete mystery to me.

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The reason mine still isn't as short as I want it is because... curlywavy and no-straightening! I could never get away with it really short... I wish.
Anyway, Insane is right.