Happy New Year and stuff and questions

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Ok so the new year has finnaly come. Not exactly the bigest deal with my familie, no big hooray or celebration but it did feel kind of good to be with them as the ball dropped and hey they actually had a decent camera angle this year. so this year since I actually new something about my guitar I decided to start playing when the timer reaches zero, I really like the idea but apparently my dad didn't since my little brother was still asleep. hey I get it he dosn't want to deal with my little brother especially if he's grumpy but he did ask for us to wake him up.

Now after the ball had dropped I didn't feel much need to stay up any longer so I went to bed. After I got in bed I started my day dreameing I do this till my body gets around to going to sleep by it's self. While I was waiting for my body to go to sleep I had this new fantasy but no big deal right, crazy things happen with your imagination, well what made this one different was two things 1:it was on a beach and 2: it was with a guy (taned body, rock hard muscles, black hair) oh and 3:it wwas like I could actually feel his body on mine (I had a womans body). Ok so how about I give you a few details.
Be aware that this may or may not be an sexually charged scene and not for the younger of the human population. (^_^)Okay

This story begins on a hot sunny beach far away from civilization of any kind. On this beach lay two bodies both of them taned by the sun and wet from the sea.
Mel had her arms around clarks neck and was content to lay there forever with him in that peaceful moment wraped around his neck.
Slowly, despite Mels want to stay that way, her body started to respond to having clark so close by and unable to resist she started kissing him, small kisses that where all the more powerful because of their size.
quietly her soft lips made their way up his throat, then slowly made their way to his lips, where finnaly unable to resist he used his hands to bring her head down in a deep passionet kiss, when he finnaly let her up they were both wide eyed and wasping for breath.
Mel could feel clark pressing against her thigh, hard with desire , then looking down at him she nodded and he lifted her up then put her down stradling him.

I'm a preety good writer arn't I
Ok I think I'll stop there cause this is where thhings started geting a bit wierd...er for me. I could actually feel him sorta inside me but I could also feel myself stifining. It felt right and kinda wrong at the same time.

Oh and before I say good bye I was wondering if anyone could help me out with geting a picture up because for some reason I just can't make sence out of the requirments and before I forget does any one know how to get rid of the bags that form under the eyes because I have not been sleeping well lately.

Ok bye now(^_^)


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does any one know how to get

does any one know how to get rid of the bags that form under the eyes because I have not been sleeping well lately.

clinique all about eyes de-puffer
or go have some sleep

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