Hello there.

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My name is Jessica Tell, I am a transgirl in her late teens. Exactly how late is none of your business, safety reasons and whatnot.

I'm no good at introductions, so I suppose you should ask questions about me should you have any. I hope to become good friends with you all!


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Hey Jessica!

Welcome to Oasis. =D

I guess I should ask you some questions then.

What's your favorite color?

Your favorite band?

And if there were a Zombie Apocalypse what would be your weapon of choice?

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I'm colorblind, therefore

I'm colorblind, therefore black.

Does Dave Brubeck work as a band?


Nice to meet you, Riku!
Hey senator- love the dress.

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XKCD icon: you win. - Hey

XKCD icon: you win.
Hey senator- love the dress.

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Yay! Another one!

And be careful what you say to the zombie apocalypse question- Riku may or may not be silently judging you based on your answer.
*welcoming hug*

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Oh Psh.

I was joking about that judgement thing....

I mean, the extent of it is, I have a mental list of people to stick with when the undead overrun the streets. That's all. :P

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Are you going to stick with me?

Out of curiosity, or was I too delusional?
Well, I was silently judging people based on their answers, SO THERE.

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How's this?

In the case of a zombie apocalypse, if you can actually find a lightsaber, I will definitely stick by you! ;)

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Sounds good!

If all else fails, I'll grab my brother's plastic light-up one.
Hey, you never said what weapon you'd use! So?
(Sorry, Jessica, for this random deviation from the topic.)

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Welcome, Jessica!