How can you like one thing and also like it's opposite

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Well? How can you?
Somehow I

but also like the-cold.

Like- my brother
and would like- him to go away.

Like- not being hugry
and like- how being hugry makes me feel.

Like- my long hair
and would like- it to need less care.

Oh and a quick random fact- Rattle snake rattle's are made of cells that are simmilar to human nails.



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Well, you can if you do...

It's very much possible, which is indicated by the fact that you do... I'm sure there are some things that I'm that way about, too, though I can't think of any off the top of my head.
As for the hair one, I think most people who keep their hair long are like that... though I'm more along the lines of
Don't like-my long hair
Don't like-the care it takes
Would like-short hair.
Anyway, yah, 'tis possible.

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I know, right? But I'm

I know, right? But I'm exactly the same way! I like warmth but hate summer and prefer winter. I have long hair too and do not want it shorter than chest-length but hate how long it takes to wash it and stuff. So we're similar! :D Yay!