I can't remember the 5th, shit

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The dreams I've had about you guys...

The last one I had was a couple nights ago and it featured... holahaveamuffin18. I have pretty much no idea what happened in that one and it really pisses me off that I can't. I should've written what little I could remember down in the morning, but I've gotten lazy with that. Anyways, we were in some old place. That's about all I remember. lol. You had brown hair. Have fun now that you know some creepy stranger from across the planet has had a dream about youuu! lol.

One was with bulldyke. This was over a year ago. I don't remember much other then we met at some mall. and hung out for a bit.

Another one I had involved Hellonwheels. We were on a dock looking at the fish in the water. And then all of a sudden we were with some other girl watching an Ally Sheedy movie. I'm pretty sure it was High Art and it was a sex scene. Not sure why hell would want to watch that but okay. lol.

Then there was this one with Will. Not sure if she comes around much anymore. My mom had left my dad at the alter at their renewal wedding or something, and I was upset. So as I was walking on the sidewalk brooding, I spotted Will and her friend zooming past in a car. She came up to me and I told her what had happened with my mom and she comforted me. Then all of a sudden we were in some apartment and some guy came in and we tried to hide (I think in the closet. lol.) when we tried to escape while he was in another room he came after us with a gun. I have no idea if we escaped. I like to think so though. haha.

On a related note, I keep taking these books out on dreams meaning to read them, keep a dream journal, and also try the lucid dream techniques, but I haven't been doing any of it. I really should start at some point.