I have been to the abyss and I am lost.

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Okay so here's what's going on.
Me and my mom are coming back home from my guitar lesson and I cautiously opened the subject of chat rooms and with some careful mavuvering I moved the topic over to lesbians and gays. So I ask her what do you think of them and she starts going on about how they're not to be hated (which I donn't hate them) but that they're not exactly right (I disagre) and It's not how "God" made us.
So I'm thinking wow and what would she think if I was to tell her that I might be a trans.
Dad seriously how do you expect him to act when you use that tone of voice.
Sorry I got side tracked, my little brother spilled something and my dad bit his head off.
Now where was I? Oh yeah... I think my moms attitude though is just from bad expiriences because the talk kept getting off topic to stuff aboout morals and swearing.
Well see ya around


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'Dad seriously

how do you expect him to act when you use that tone of voice'
Hm... sounds familiar. My little brother just got yelled at for walking near the computer...?

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Maybe don't talk about chat

Maybe don't talk about chat rooms (parents tend to hate them , prejudice, I know) if you want to try and bring up the subject again.