I'm back and better than ever before.

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Ok it has been since April of last year that I wrote in here. In fact it has been longer than that of which I was able to get on to the internet. Where I live now ( Nebraska) we had no local tv coverage, cell coverage or internet until now. We just rejoined the world. Yes we are staying in Nebr this year for the winter...YUCK....hate snow.
Ok so I shelled out the mega bucks and got satellite TV, signed up for the internet, (Dial up yuck) and we are still out of cell phone range. But hey they put a tower up in Dunning this last year and I can go to the top of a hill nearby and get service ( ok so its only one bar) . The only reason we stayed here is that the car we use to tow behind the RV blew a rod and it took our saved travel money to replace it...so not money to travel...Sigh! All that aside, we fixed the house up this summer here. New roof, new ceilings in the rooms. We ripped down the plaster and wall paper off the walls, re did them and painted the three bedrooms. New carpet installed and window trim and it looks great. I learned a lot about putting a sod house back together. Other work we did was re plumbed the kitchen sink with new sink and counter. Put light switches in all the rooms where there used to be only pull chains on the lights. Put in a new heater in the kitchen/dining and master bed rooms. Next spring I need to replace the electrical box and put in new circuits for the house. Then start work on the second house on the property. Mostly paint and put in an addition so it has a larger bathroom with a shower that I can fit in.
All for now and I am so glad to be back here on Oasis...I have missed it so much. Bye for now. Love ya all !!!


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well hello! long time no

well hello! long time no see! good to hear from you again.

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Glad to have some of the

Glad to have some of the people that were on oasis longer coming back =DD

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