I'm not an angry person, I just hate Transphobes.

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Trigger alert: transphobia at its worst.

I'm so f'ing pissed right now and I don't just say that without reason. One of my friends, one of my two ftm friends, came back from winter break to a note posted on the door of his dorm room, threatening to hang him. He is pre-op, pre-t, pre-everything. I'm trying to talk him through it and show him there are those who care.
Please help me out.
I have his website if you guys want to leave messages (they can be anonymous) to show that not everyone hates him for what he's doing.

Please. I love him as a friend.


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People disgust me. Not on an

People disgust me. Not on an individual level, but as a concept. It is people doing things like that, threatening other people, sometimes killing other people because of who they are that sets this off more than anything else, that causes me to lose faith in humanity.
Please tell your friend that I love him for what he is doing , I love everyone who dares to be themselves, and he is clearly a brave and strong person.

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I cannot express how much I

I cannot express how much I hate homophobes and transhaters. Tell your friend for me that I admire people like him that have the strength to be who they are and support him one hundred and ten percent.

~ It's a cosmic joke that I'm a lesbian, because I understand men so well but women are a complete mystery to me.

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Hey, as a Genderqueer FTM, I

Hey, as a Genderqueer FTM, I kinda know how it goes. Never had anything that horrible happen to me before, but I want him to know that I think he's really brave and a very strong person and he can get through this.

Did he report the threat to campus police/security?

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Ditto above statements.

There are so many CREEPS in this world... Eeeeeeviiiil, honestly it's true.
I'll leave a message on the website if I possibly can.
So... yeah.
I'll support! Yah!

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:) Thanks

:) Thanks everyone.

that's his website.

Oh, and apparently he didn't tell anyone about it...I asked him if he told the Resident Advisor (RA) or anyone else near him at school and he said no because they can't do anything anyway?!...