I'm off to go to jayJAY's!

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(That was to the tune of that 'We're Off to See the Wizard' song, in case you couldn't tell.)
In an hour I am going to Jayjay's house; don't expect me to be on later.
I didn't journal yesterday out of sheer exhaustion, so I'll just act like everything happened today.
Thursday- first rehearsal for 13 (School play), and it was great. Bday got a lead, the exact part that I had actually thought beforehand, 'I'll bet just about anything Bday gets that part and loves it.' I was right. The Close Friends of Bday hadn't guessed it at all, so... apparently I can tell more about Bday than close friends. Go figure.
The best part is that there will be a lot of chances for me to be with Bday, while also being in a musical. Win-win!
During it, I was sitting next to one of the Close Friends of Bday, who I'll just call CFB because I don't feel like inventing a name. I had attempted to get myself right next to Bday, but I failed. :(
However, CFB is actually really fun to talk to.
CFB: Hey, Flyby! I like the haircut!
Me: Thanks!
CFB: You know what it's got? Pizzazz! I love the word 'pizzazz'. You've got pizzazzy hair!
Me: (laughs) Thank you! My hair is very pleased that it's pizzazzy.

A bunch of mini-conversations like that. CFB seems really awesome… it just means Bday has good taste! Yay!
Also at the rehearsal, I had a conversation with BDAY! THE BDAY OF BDAYNESS! ♪ Of course, it was about thirty seconds long…
Crowd in general: OHMYGOD! THAT'S SO MESSED UP!
Me: What happened?
Bday: I'd tell you, but I'm kinda afraid you'd never talk to me again.
Me: …
Bday cares if I 'ever talk to gaj again'?! I almost said, 'I'll always want to talk to you', or something equally stupid, but instead I stood there thinking it over for a full ten seconds.
Me: (after long pause) You can just tell me… now you have to!
Bday explains what happened…
Me: Oh! Thank you! (walks away, smiling)
Anyway, Flyby=:)
Nothing happened today… snow day=do nada.