Inner Female Hypno + Weird Dream

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Alright so I was looking around on you tube and I found this one user and I checked out one of her episodes and I saw that she had another episode that had a hypnosis thing on it.

So I checked it out, I listened to it, and went into a sort of trance.

When I got out of the trance I found myself with a lot for energy and feeling more feminine than I've felt in a... well more feminine than I can ever remember feeling.

So I get up and do all this stuff that I had been putting off untill later, then I eat dinner, blah blah blah, and I listen to it one more time before going to bed and I had this weird dream.

I'm on you tube, okay, and I guess I'm looking at a video of mine. I look down at the comments and there's this message that I posted even though I don't remember doing so.

As I read the comment from myself it's like this deep, echoing, more masculine part of me is reading along and telling me to do what he's saying.

The message lists a whole lot of feminine things that I've been doing and tells me to stop doing them. Like each word he utters weighs me down making me heavier and heavier.

Well that's all I really remember, Anything past that point is to fuzzy to comprehend.

Thanks for listening.

P.S. If you want to check it out for you'r self the page is-