Kickstarting the forum and FUN questions *talkshow host voice*

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The forum has been really dead lately I've noticed, actually for as long as I've been here (which has only been a few days) it's been non-active and most posts here have been made years ago. The only people that can fix this are us, the users (and maybe some help from the higher-ups).

So now some questions for you intrepid forum-browsers!

1. What book have you read recently? Did you like it? If so, tell us why, if not, tell us why.

2. What movie have you gone to see lately and what did you think of it? Maybe write a small review for other people who might want to go see it, but might be on the brink of deciding.

3. What do you consider to be your hobby? What makes it fun for you?

4. What's your sign? (for example, I'm an Aries)

5. Do you have any pets?

Nobody has to participate in this, in fact some of you might think this is a stupid idea, and that I'm a pretentious jerk for even bringing it up. And sorry if the questions seem a little too much like questions your teacher would ask you on the first day of school but I would honestly like to know your answers and make some friends. :)

I'm going to respond with my own answers to the questions next post. Thanks for participating, and if not, thanks for even reading this. :D

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1. I've read Demon

1. I've read Demon Underground. It's a really good book and some comments from a character at the end of it really hit me hard for the reasons to transition to male. It basically told you to do whatever is right for you and screw the people that try and keep you from YOUR happiness.

2. I've gone to see Tron recently and very recently I saw True Grit. Both of the movies have Jeff Bridges in them and his acting is superb in both. In Tron the imagery and graphics(?) were stunning, and the story was interesting to boot. In True Grit you got to see some truly good western themes. In a sense the movies were two opposites but they both did what they were made for extremely well.

3. Transformers. That's my hobby and I hope it stays with me for a good while yet. XD I just enjoy everything about the franchise. I love ALL the shows, I kinda like the movies, and I enjoy collecting good quality figures.

4. Again, I'm an Aries.

5. I have two dogs, and two rats, all of whom I love very much. (MY pets are technically one dog and one rat, and my sister 'owns' the other two.)

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1.) I read the Hunger Games series! It was so sexy. I really like books that are about societies similar to ours, but corrupt in some way.

2.) I haven't gone to see a movie, but I watched A Chorus Line because I really want to see the play. It was awesome. I'm sure the actual performance is a billion times better, but, I'm even more excited to go see it now! :D I love musicals, and this one had such good songs.

3.) Art! Art is my hobby, music is my life XD What's fun for me about art is the colors, and expressing myself :) A picture says way more than a thousand words, by the way, little kiddies.

4.) CAPRICORN. FORREAL. I'm a goaty thing ;D

5.) I have a dog, named Tango, and a cat named Caillou (Kai-yeww) and my cat likes to eat goat cheese and cantaloupe... My dog likes to eat everything.

Btw you're so cool, thank you for helping me <3
You are beautiful, in every single way <3

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You're welcome, you had some

You're welcome, you had some really good points, but I hope you'll support me if I have hard times and need to vent it here. :)

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Oh, of course

It's hard to understand my anger, but I'm not mad exclusively at all the sad journals. Just, at all the sad journals that never go away . I think we just need to really spread happiness as much as we can :) <3
You are beautiful, in every single way <3

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Yeah, spread the positivity

Yeah, spread the positivity dude/dudette. *throws on hippy garb*

By the way, how can I address you? He? She? Ze?(still new to the gender-nutral pronouns so forgive me if I got it wrong.)

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Huh? She! XD

I'm alllll woman ;D
Hehe, yeah, we're totally being hippies here. But I'm really happy about it for once and I think my recent comments are probably showing how I USUALLY act XD

and uh, my name is Shelby. Everytime I lose a bunch of old members, everyone resorts to calling my Draco or Dracofang and I like to be called Shelby XDDD
You are beautiful, in every single way <3

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Nice to meet you Shelby, I

Nice to meet you Shelby, I would like to be called Syd. :D (not that that's not obvious with my user-name and all XD) *dances*

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Oh dearie me here I go

1. The most recent book I've read is Jpod- Douglas Coupland. He takes something that could be easily said another more boring way and works it into a story, an interesting, quirky one. Wonderful storyteller.

2. I re-watched the Shawshank Redemption, in full. If you've seen it, you know how it is; if you haven't get your rear in gear and go see it. There's a really nice HD version on Youtube, last I checked.

3. Do random things I sporadically do count as hobbies? Hm... I've been involved in loose-leaf teas, as of late.

4. Virgo. But also in the Chinese zodiac, rooster. I'm not a horoscope person, but if I'm reading the paper and find one that's cheerful, I'll clip it out and pretend it is totally relevant to my life and not at all picked out of a hat, or however they do those things.

5. One single fish. Goldfish. I've been keeping goldfish since my age was in the single digits. I'm not sure if it's a boy or a girl, but I love it anyways. I wanna get another one to keep lil' Benji company.

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Awww, a goldfish! I might

Awww, a goldfish! I might get one in college, just to have SOME sort of pet. Got any goldfish-keeping tips?

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They are incredibly easy to

They are incredibly easy to take care of. Tank+ water + food= happy goldfish.

Algae is probably gonna build up in any tank, but the goldfish doesn't care; I personally am a little lazy with the green stuff and my fishy is fine.

There's stuff about oxygen and water surface ratio... not gonna go into details, but get something wider and flatter instead of like a tall skinny glass and you'll be fine.

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So here we go:
1. YES! The Hunger Games... I feel proud that I liked those before they became popular...
A couple days ago my mother randomly bought me the book 'Matched' by, I think, Ally Condle. Okay... interesting, but too romanticky for me. Of course, the entire time I was mentally pretending that Ky was a girl and Cassia was bi and that was why they couldn't be Matched... makes things more interesting to me.
2. The most recent movie I've seen is Tangled, thanks to Super Duck! It's actually a pretty cute movie... and because I had FCG on the brain during it, I started laughing really hard when Rapunzel started yelling, 'There's a person in my CLOSET!'
3. My hobby is stalking everybody on Oasis! HA! I shock you with my I-don't-have-a-life-itude. Or not.
4. I'm Libra, of course. The scale. I'm a balance freak by nature, I always want everything to be fair. When I was little, if I whacked one elbow I'd always purposely whack the other one just as hard so the pain would be balanced...
5. I've got a cat named Ruby, who is kind of psychotic... the kind that attempts to bite and scratch you while purring. Confusing. Also, I got a beta fish for Christmas... because I love fish, as is indicated by my avatar. The fish is named Eli, after Centerfielder... the sunset avatar and fish are the same color XD Oh, yeah, and there's a 14 year old hygenically diseased dog at my dad's house... seriously, that's the main reason the place smells awful: Seven rotted teeth, and the dog always wears diapers as a result of my-dad-didn't-ever-feel-like-house-training.

I like this forum thing, even if it gives me an excuse to ramble onnnn...

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I haven't been reading

1.I haven't been reading lately. The last book was Bloodhound by Tamara Pierce. It's a pretty good book.

2.Last movie i seen was Paranormal Entity with my friends. It's ok, not really scary as I thought it would be.

3.Drawing or taking photos. It relaxes me.

4. Capricorn sunsign and Libra moonsign. Chinese- rooster

5. I've got eight ferrets because my female ferret just had babies. Two geese, male called Buck and female is Princess. One dog named Bella. Two budgies, Pippy and Bluey. One goat called Nanny. A fish named jinx and a herd of cattle:)

* Life spelled backwards is it all makes sense*

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1. I haven't read any actual

1. I haven't read any actual book lately. XD I haven't had time at all for anything like that. The only thing I've read recently has been the Scott Pilgrim comics, which I really like for some reason.

2. The last movie I saw in a theater was Tron when my relatives were visiting. The last movie I saw in general was Easy A, which I watched with my mom on Saturday night. I liked both of them.

3. I love to draw! I mostly draw cartoony stuff, but I'd like to branch out. I've been drawing for seriously as long as I can remember, though I never really made an effort to make my drawings look like anything until I was about 10 years old or so. I have tons and tons of lovely... blobs... from elementary school that were supposedly puppies and kittens and Pokemon and things like that.

4. I'm a Scorpio! My Chinese Zodiac one is a Dog. I'm not entirely sure what all that means since I don't really follow horoscopes.

5. I have a fat, stinky man-cat and a whiny baby kitten. I love my fat, stinky man-cat, and he loves me! He used to hate the universe and try to chew everyone's hands off, but now he loves me to death and doesn't even bite me! He still rolls in his poop, though... :( And the whiny little kitten is technically my sister's cat. I think it's a girl, and it's fluffy and cute, but it's SO WHINY!

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1) The last book I finished reading was Spook, by Mary Roach. I love books, but I've been in this really bad habit recently of starting one and not finishing it. So I'm stalled somewhere within Sense and Sensibility, as well as many others. I don't really read much at home, anymore, so for me to finish a book it has to be able to fit conveniently in my backpack, as well as being interesting enough for me to read during the passing periods instead of just gazing around the room and twirling a pencil.

2) The last movie I went to see in the theatres was Deathly Hallows Part I. I liked it well enough. You've all seen it, so there's not much for me to say.

3) Hobbies... Well, nerding around on Oasis isn't really a hobby, but it's what I spend most of my 'free' time doing. And once in a while I paint, which is a well-established hobby in society, and I do it enough to actually finish a rather good oil painting or two a year. The most recent picture was of my dog. I gave it to my mom for Christmas and it was the highlight of the entire holiday. But my most interesting hobby is collecting skulls. I've mentioned it many times before, I'm sure. At some point I need to put some more photos of them on here - I have taken the photographs, but not yet loaded them onto the computer.

4) Astrologically I would be an Aries, but for whatever reason I prefer to consider myself Scorpio.

5) I used to have a lot of pets, but their number has dwindled. So now it's down to the beloved and altogether wonderful old dog Sage, the mad and biting but nonetheless sweet and cute cat who has a name but is usually just called the Beast, my dad's two invisible polydactyl cats, and the boringly mild-mannered snake.

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1. What book have you read

1. What book have you read recently?

Hm, I don't even know. My problem is, I often pick up books, read them half way, put them down, and not touch them again for months. It's not just a book thing though... I do this with video games too. And pretty much anything else that takes more than one sitting to get through (such as a TV series.) It's like Zeno's paradox with me. Haha.

But I was reading this book "Bad Things Happen" not too long ago. It was interesting, I don't really know what to think of it honestly. I guess I'll have to finish it before I can tell you. (But I won't ever finish it because, Zeno's Paradox. :I )

2. What movie have you gone to see lately and what did you think of it?

I saw Megamind. It was cute, and it was silly. I would've liked it more if they didn't muss up the somber scenes with gags. If something is supposed to be upsetting, save the gags. Other than that I didn't have a problem with it though. I'm not terribly critical about movies.

3. What do you consider to be your hobby?

Hm. A hobby? I'm too passionate about art and music to consider them hobbies... Photography I guess? (Yes that's a kind of art but it's more of a hobby than it is my life the way illustration/fine art/music are). I love old cameras, and I love my (relatively) new DSLR. I love light tricks and developing film. I love dark rooms and lenses and filters. I love how everything in photography is a beautiful mix of science, and art.

4. What's your sign?
Scorpio? Astrology is kind of silly but... Scorpions themselves are pretty cool... I don't identify with them however. I'm more of a whale person actually... They should have a whale sign. Maybe I'll make one up. Can I be a Cetacean instead of a Scorpio? That's what I am from now on. =]

5. Do you have any pets?
I've got two cats. One of them is kind of aloof and cute and friendly. She likes my chair and you do not forcibly remove her from the chair. You just don't. The other one doesn't like anyone except me, and she follows me everywhere and sits on me and paws at my face. She especially likes to put her paws on my mouth, which is gross; she steps in kitty litter with those.

I guess I should thank her for strengthening my immune system. Grossness.