Lack of title, again.

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First of all, I warn you that for some reason I am unable to form a sentence that flows smoothly today. I've been having severe writer's block, it's been hard to find the fitting words to put in each sentence, my language and writing skills have just disappeared today. Sorry. Now, to suddenly dive off into the actual journal:
I am extremely annoyed by all these gossip-brained people at my school. WHY does everyone insist that Shneer is my boyfriend?! I am irked.
At lunch we were sitting next to each other and TALKING (Seriously, people! It's talking! Communication! You do it with your friends!) and some boy ran up to us and said, 'Hey, Shneer, nice new girlfriend!' So I looked around the table for a girl I hadn't seen before- oh, wait a second. Oops. Duh. I'm the 'nice new girlfriend'. Now, since when am I a girlfriend? Annoyances.
I think Shneer is starting to figure me out a bit more…in Science, we and Clueless were discussing why it is, exactly, that men don't really wear short-shorts. Shneer began to say something to me, but then said, 'Oh, wait. I keep forgetting that you're not a guy. I'll stop saying these things.'
'Y'know, it doesn't matter… genital mentions of either gender will creep me out equally.'
'Oh… bisexual?'
I didn't have time to respond to that… another case of a confused vocabulary, perhaps? But still…Anyway, the teacher decided that I wasn't getting enough done and moved me… to a seat across from a guy I couldn't stop glaring at due to Bday-likes-you-and-your-lockers-are-next-to-each-other.
Yes, I'm jealous.
Aaaagh, this would be so much more interesting for you to read if I could write right now!
More important news: I talked to Clueless, who said, 'I'm not sorry for everything obnoxious I ever did, but I'm sorry you think it makes me a bad friend, but now that I know about this problem if I have a chance I'll try and be a better friend.'
(Long quote…)
I am unsure of how I feel about this.>:(
End…I can't think of a good closing…


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Reduced coherency is a

Reduced coherency is a more-than-excusable symptom of a severely 'bleh' day! I hope things get better!

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Thank you!

See, due to the reduced coherency I cannot think of a better response than 'Thank you!', so I hope that's acceptable.
Thank you!

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Brain fart days occur periodically, sometimes I actually get brain fart weeks too...
I hope this is just a brain fart day though, not a brain fart week.

No one escapes from life alive

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Your supply of hugs seemed

Your supply of hugs seemed to have disappeared. Here, let me replenish it for you *huggles*

You're so beautiful, you made me forget my pick up line. ;)

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Thanks, people...

Well, it's the next day and my brain seems to have recovered partly... so I guess it's a brain fart day that takes a while to completely go away...

Thanks for the hugs and for the hopes that my brain and daily occurences improve!