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Is english even your first language? Of course we're all speaking english here, but this is the internet - so there's no way to tell. It kind of got me thinking when occasionally Vincent (Magic Fantastic) writes in French, and that's actually his first language. I remember a while ago we had a guy from Romania on this site and his english wasn't very good - but it drew my attention because he tried to express familiar feelings and problems in English, a language that wasn't his own. It wouldn't surprise me if many of you were fluent in other languages - I find them so fascinating, the way it directs but also limits the way we think and feel.

I'm not sure where this is all going, but out of curiosity, and perhaps also to get to know each other better (in a way that isn't normally portrayed in our journals)

What languages can you speak? Or want to learn to speak? Where are you from and where do you live? Do you want to move somewhere else? What's your cultural background? Do you think it has affected you as a person?


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I'm originally German, all 4 grandparents are from Germany.
English is all I could really communicate in now, but I'm learning German and would like to be fairly fluent at some point, because I have a bunch of family members that speak only that...

But me, I don't like when people claim to be part of culture's they're not. I'm not German myself, I don't celebrate German traditions, or anything, or even really speak the language.
I'm American, was born in Nevada, my 2nd favorite state, and not because I was born there, but because it has Vegas, and I REALLY love the climate there, and all the scenery.
Now I abide in the humble state of Washington, which is my favorite state, because I've lived here nearly my entire life, and I love the place.

But I do harbor a soft spot for Canada, one, because I'm like, really close. Two, the skiing at Whistler and Red Mountain is fantastic.
Three, I love Canadian money, it's a lot more humble than douchey American bills.
Also, my mom was born in Canada, so I can get dual citizenship, which is amazing.

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To attempt to answer all your questions:

What languages can you speak?
I only speak English fluently. I'm learning German, and I'm not too bad at it. I'm also learning Russian, and I suck at it. XD

Or want to learn to speak?
I have an extremely long list. Near the top, I'd like to learn Japanese (because I want to work in the game industry and it would open up doors to new opportunities for me) and I want to become fully fluent in German.

Where are you from and where do you live?
I was born in Kentucky/Tennessee. I spent a lot of my childhood in Texas and New Mexico, but I mostly identify with Arizona as being my homestate because my time there was most significant to how I developed as a person. Right now, I live in Utah.

Do you want to move somewhere else?
Well, yes and no. I'd like to VISIT lots of places, definitely. I'd love to live in Germany a couple years to develop my language skills, and I'd love to have the opportunity to move back to good ol' Arizona. Neither of these are in the cards right now. I plan on going to school in-state because it's cheaper, and I have REALLY GOOD opportunities here.

What's your cultural background?
Most people don't believe it, but I'm half-mexican/half-irish. Most people refuse to accept that it's possible for a mexican woman to have a whitey child if their other parent is a whitey. I don't retain much of the culture from either sides of my ethnic background, though.

Do you think it has affected you as a person?
Uh, other than being extremely self-conscious about how white I am, I think it helped me to grow into a very tolerant and accepting person.

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that's so amazing about the Romanian person. anyway i guess what i should type is the answer to the question. i speak only english (crippling defect for where i live), but i want to learn Latin and Arabic and if not Arabic then Spanish.

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Yeah... Indie was very active here...

...up to about a year ago. He's currently in high school... recently honored with a trip to Japan just before the current school year.

I'll try to wake him... as he's genuinely missed!

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love this question :o). My native language is English. However, my passion is Spanish. I speak it whenever I can with whomever I can. I don't have any Hispanic heritage or anything--I learned Spanish by studying it in school, but I love it. Plus, I've traveled to Spain and Mexico.

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What languages can you speak?
Alas, only English. I'm learning Latin, and can read it pretty well with the help of a dictionary, but I can only really claim to speak English.

Or want to learn to speak?
I do want to become more fluent (okay, any degree of fluent, because 'fluent' is not a word I could honestly use for myself now) in Latin. I'd also like to learn Arabic (Lone Wolf, what a coincidence! We do have something in common! Yay!), but probably won't. No Spanish or German or Chinese or Japanese for me, even though I know they're dead useful - I guess I just need to be eccentric...

Where are you from and where do you live?
I was born in North Carolina, but have lived in California since I gained the ability to form permanent memories, so I'm definitely a Californian.

Do you want to move somewhere else?
Later in life (id est, after college and such), I'd like to live abroad. I'm not sure where or for how long, although Australia and New Zealand are definitely top candidates.

What's your cultural background?
On my mother's side, my ancestors are Dutch (with one very distant Spanish Admiral granting us the ability to tan), and my generation of the family still holds several Dutch traditions. On my father's side, good Yankees go back to before the American Revolution.

Do you think it has affected you as a person?
Not really. I mean, being American and living in California has affected me, but my ancestry has affected only the events of my life, not my character.

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1. Well, sort of Latin, but not really fluent... and then American Sign Language, as my mother is an ASL interpreter for a living and it kind of carries over... I wouldn't consider myself fluent, though, because it takes me a long time to think through how to sign what I want to say and some signs I just don't know.
2. Wow, I'd like to learn Arabic as well... Honestly, I was going to say that before the others did! I'd also like to improve the languages in #1, but I think that I'll just take any random language opportunity that comes my way.
3. I was born and live in Massachusetts. Which makes me happy... the land of somewhat crazy people and those obsessed with the American Revolution.
4. Well, I like it here well enough, but I'd prefer Canada or Australia/New Zealand. So... yeah. My plans are all just vague thoughts...
5. I've got a LOT of different European blood... I remember that in fourth grade, we were supposed to interview someone in our family about our ethnicity... I'm Scottish, Irish, English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Dutch, and Italian.
In other words, I'm an extreme mutt, very American in that regard XD
6. It hasn't really affected me at all... of course, for all I know it could be and I wouldn't notice because it's the typical white-American blahblah. Whatever.

The end.