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Its been awhile but i guess tht shows by the date of my last post. Well recently i got a job, been terminated b/c they didnt need me anymore. Told my best friend im gay. I had drawn a pic of the guy a like and he found out so i ended up covering for it. We've been playing hide n' seek with our eyes a lot lately so idk wuts up w/ tht. lol Ive been harassed on formspring by some asshole saying everyone thinks im gay and asking me if i am, but the belligerent ass was just full of it and when i questioned his reason for asking me he shut up. Im not staying in the closet long because well its not worth my effort and my lifes confusing enough as it is. My rents have been treating me like crap a lot lately too. I cnt wait for high school to b over and i move into my apartment tht my rents wont know about. Im tired of being used by everyone, peers, friends and most of all my so called family. Im finally releasing myself, and i will not be hindered by anyone. I will be free. Pain is my life. Pain is the only love i know.


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Take a deep breath...

What do your 'rents' expect from you that's so unreasonable?

"Best friend" and "hide 'n seek" partner: one and the same?

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well they want me to become

well they want me to become a doctor, i dont want to so im not. They expect me to clean the house and have dinner ready for them, take out the garbage and recycling and shovel the drive way everday before 4:00 when i get home at like 3:00. thats just the day to day stuff none of the extra stuff. like this week it was take our old couch and chair to the high school as a donation, move the frezzer and the new one, move the fridge upstairs and throw the other one out.