Maybe it's Not Just Me

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She ignores me on Facebook. It's like I don't even exist.

I thought I read the signals wrong.

But I talked to my straight friend who knows what's going on. She's like... well, this is what I would tell you if it were a guy. And I was like, good, because it's practically the same. It's that icky flirting/person of interest advice. She told me that I definitely read the signals correctly (especially after she overheard what she said once), I should just give up, she's not worth my time, and she's being a bitch.

I just want to be like, Jesus, really? I mean, she definitely wasn't telling my GTFO then.

I know I need to move on and just find someone better who's worth my time. I give this advice to other people ALL THE TIME.

So why is it so hard for me? This was the first time I put my heart on my sleeve. I have no regrets though, because now for the rest of my life, I won't be thinking, "What would have happened?"

She was so perfect. But not for me. How do I get over her?


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how do you get over

how do you get over her?
sometimes, by not trying so hard to get over her. Remember all the aspects of your life that aren't her and live in them as completely as you can. you are a complete and complex person without the detail that is her- remember that. Eventually she'll fade- maybe not completely, but enough.