Me and My OOBE

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Feeling very depressed. Right now I'm having an OOBE (the fastest way for me to say an out-of-body experience). I've been having these often. I've been listening to music for an hour or so and trying to fill out a questionnaire for school. It should be easy because its just stuff like What's your name?, What's your favorite literature? and such, however I'm having some trouble. I've been staring at my computer accomplishing nothing for maybe 45 minutes now. I don't know where time has gone. I've been staring expressionless straight ahead.

This isn't the first time.

I feel so little right now. I am feeling very anxious and very depressed. Aside from that, I don't feel like I'm me, don't feel like I'm living. I'm not really doing anything, its more like things are happening to me. Its a really frightening experience.

I'm semi-excited for tomorrow because I need therapy and I have it tomorrow. But in order to have that, I have to get through class first and blahhh. I'm listening to music right now and I'm not hearing it.

Anyway, I feel awful right now and like I just ...rrggh. I don't even know. I'm sorry.

And I've noticed that I've been gaining weight. I hate it. I want to lose it. All of it. I'm feeling so goshdarn angry right now.


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I'm crashing quickly. So

I'm crashing quickly.

So without school, I love Mondays, hate the weekends and Fridays make me nervous. With school, when I was in high school, I didn't enjoy things because I enjoyed the week, though then that's when I got bullied and taunted endlessly. Now that I'm in school again, the depression flares...I wish time would just stop in a way, because I want therapy to come tomorrow, but I don't want to start another school week.

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While I was waiting for this to load, I was thinking of a lot of things OOBE could stand for... Oobe. Interesting word…
An-y-way, I'm sorry you are all depressed. *more hugs* I hate surveys like that... I never manage to fill them in. Talking about myself that way just doesn't work for me.
If it's for school... which name did you put, anyway? I vote Eli. Eli is the good name.
*even more hugs*
IknowIknowIknow, I'm a bad comforter (Not a bed comforter! XD) . Sorry, see what I mean?
Just know I'm trying, and that I'm here for you.

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I'm an even worse

I'm an even worse giver-of-comfort... All I can do is send the idea of hugs. I wish I could send real hugs. Or pictures of hugs or sounds of hugs. Or fresh-baked cookies. Or anything, really, but cold, immaterial, black-and-white words.

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Sometimes, in between sleep

Sometimes, in between sleep and actually waking up, I find myself paralyzed in bed, unable to move. Apparently, that's an OBE according to my counselor.

The losing weight thing... do you work out? It helps. But over this semester, what with school business, I've been totally lethargic and lost five pounds, just because my schedule is so screwed up and I don't have time to eat full meals anymore. I dunno. Story time! After surgery last-last summer, I gained about 20 pounds from not being able to walk or move or anything, so while I was recovering I just hung around eating ice cream (weather is hot= dumb food choices) and the rest is history. I'm still working on losing that weight.

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That's called sleep paralysis and it's very common. Out of body experience my ass. Sorry. Your body does that, disconnects your mind from your body when you sleep so that you don't do things like roll out of your bed, or shout, when you're dreaming. Of course, that's only the deep parts of sleep.

Sometimes, people who have night terrors wake up halfway between dreaming and sleeping and are "Trapped" in a really vivid nightmare, and can't move. It kinda leads to the phrase "Paralyzed by fear", eh?

Sorry, I just think your counselor was epically wrong :I
You are beautiful, in every single way <3

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Well, this was all from her

Well, this was all from her paranormal stuff phase, and really, in the end, who knows, right?

Ugh. One way or another it's really irritating.

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Yes, that's sleep paralysis.

It happens sometimes to people who use the wake-induced method for lucid dreaming... I know it's happened to Magic Fantastic before. It's why I'm sticking to the dream-induced ways. Which haven't really yielded any results...
Anyway, yeah, sleep paralysis usually happens when you wake up suddenly from really deep sleep, it can happen from other things, too...