More T-rex stuff.

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So she hugged me yesterday at school. WHICH WAS PRETTY GREAT HURR HURR.
And today she was in my group in French and she was like AUGH SHELBY I HATE THIS GROUP, WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE IN IT.
and in my mind I was like
But I kept my cool and I was like "Okay, T-rex? Why are you so mean to me when other people are around, but when we're alone you're so nice?"

Full-on blush from her XD

"I, uhh. Um. I'm not mean to you, what are you saying"
"You just told me you hate this group because of me"
"Yeah, but... Uh, I didn't mean it!!! You're so stupid for believing that!"
"Excuse me? Stupid? Did I hear another insult??"

and then she ignored me, with the hugest blush XD Yesss XD

I don't have much else to say :/


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Gotta love freakazoids!

Gotta love freakazoids!

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They are the motherfracking best

You are beautiful, in every single way <3