New table mates HELP!!!

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Oh my godess!!!!

So I'm at school (the fire wall dosen't block this site) and were starting a new semester one of my classes got changed and as a result this thing happened and now I'm scared.

So along with a new class I've also got a new lunch period, so I've got to not only find a new table but also a new group and here's what I did.

I circle the room like once and finnaly find a near empty table ( there are plenty off empty tables but I don't want to eat alone) soo I put my stuff down and do to the bathroom, I come back and there are five girls at the table!!!!!

I don't know what to do so I go over and ask if I can sit down, they say I can and here I am, I can't look up at them, It's just I'm sooooooo scared.

It's like a sort of scary yet great dream come true.

So here's a question- They all seem like a really close close group they're all at ease with each other, ao how do I fit in?


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Well I just though I'd put

Well I just though I'd put up some more info.

I currently have a guy's body, I'm quiet and shy, and akward around new people.

Now imagine me suddenly seated with 5 girls who are all loud, friendly, and well... the oppisite of me.

okay that's all I wanted to add
Bye =}