Now it's my turn

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Black Swan-Amazing. Magnificent. Thrilling.

Arghhhh words are to small to describe how i felt about the film. The passion and slow tempo of each scene made it sublime. Portman must just needs to win that oscar i have seen nothing ever like this from her. The passion and vulgarity qualities that she brings to her dark swan i loved watching. And that make up for the black swan is supreme. The rawness and bitching antics that colour the backstage world of ballet shine's through the film. Me being quite familiar with musical theatre can relate to the chaos and sometimes spiteful atmosphere. That quest for absolute perfection even when it means going insane.

Now I know people might not enjoy ( one my friends didn't) as they say it is over the top and a bit ridiculous. But that what makes the story. That is what incarnates the mad and bizarre emotions to run throughout the film. To make you not register if what she senses is real or not.