Oasis, I blame you!

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Home sick again, this time at my dad's house. I feel a bit better… It mainly seems to be me crashing suddenly due to lack of sleep/food. That has happened four times in the last five months…
As for what I blame Oasis for: Glee. I have now watched three episodes of it and I'm actually enjoying it. Bah. I've never been particularly interested in Glee before… I never saw anything wrong with it but I just didn't find anything worth watching. Thanks to a combo of my mother insisting I 'do something interesting' yesterday and the article here on Oasis, I watched the first one… and the second. And the fourth (I confused it with the third). Bleh… this confuses me. And the award for Most Sudden Change of Flyby Opinion goes to… Glee!
Thing is, I don't actually know what I find appealing about it. I do see many things wrong with the show still. Stereotypical characters, implausible storylines, etc.
It may just be that this is the first time I've seen it since I got… interested… in Bday. Bday is a Gleek, as is the chorus teacher. They spend minutes seeing who can do the best impressions of characters and such… plus Bday is just such a drama-singing-theatre type the whole show just seriously does make me think of the Many Awesomenesses. If that's why, when I get over Bday I'll get over Glee, right? I hope so. Glee doesn't fit with my personality at all.
I am still KICKING myself over this. The whole show is just non-sense…
The Oasis log-in thing is being funky again, too, to add another annoyance to life.
I may have to go to an eating therapist about my lack of appetite… one who's 'helped dozens of girls'. I interpret this to mean BLEH. Aarghrlslupp.
Shneer emailed me to make sure I was okay. Clueless did not… to be expected!
So, Oasians! Anything interesting happening in your lives? Not in mine. Just an sudden unfortunate taste for a television show I've never cared about.


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i am a glee hater. GLEE HATER 4 LIFE YO! oh to answer your question, the only thing interesting thing happening in my life is waiting for the weekend. lol!

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Feel free to hate!

I, personally, do not see anything to hate or like about Glee… so I'm confused as to why I suddenly find it entertaining. Huh.
I feel like it's Monday tomorrow… No school today or yesterday, so there ya go.
I also feel like Super Duck responding to the comment individually, if you know what I mean.

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Glee is vastly overrated by

Glee is vastly overrated by its fans and rather overbashed by its detractors. Having watched only one episode probably gives me insufficient authority to say that, but even so. If I had to choose a side, I'd throw in my lot with the haters, and if your motive for watching it were not what it is, I might attempt to dissuade you from watching. However, your reason is more than adequate - go for it, and may it yield the desired results.

Anything interesting happening with me? I'm glad you asked, as I hadn't intended to write a journal today and so the pleasant points of interest might well have gone unrecorded. Today I and Ladybug, who seems to be becoming what might even be called a friend, went up to an old abandoned adobe house not far from the school - it's a wonder more people don't know about it, really - during lunch break. We brought flashlights, squeezed through a large crack in the wall (the doors and windows are all boarded, and there's a fence around it, too, over which we easily climbed), and explored the entire ground floor. There wasn't much there but a few boarding-up materials, some bits of wallpaper on the walls, the kitchen sink and water heater, and a couple of details some prankster had added to make the exploring-an-abandoned-falling-apart-house experience a bit scarier for the next adventurers: a looped piece of rope (meant to resemble a noose but not doing a particularly good job of it) hanging from the ceiling, and a small skull tied to a post. I took the skull, of course - I think it may belong to a young fawn, but I'm not sure. So that's what's interesting in my life.

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i totally agree with glee being overrated! i didn't become a glee hater overnight, i tried watching it on 7 seperate occasions and failed to find it entertaining.

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I agree

with 'Glee is vastly overrated by its fans and rather overbashed by its haters' completely. It seems to be that way with all things like that... such as Justin Bieber. I've never really cared either way, so... yeah. I may just be bored. As far as I can tell it's not really hurting anyone, and if it can make me understand what Bday is talking about, why not?
Oh, good! Something happened! See, that alone made my day more interesting.
Yeah, I definitely feel like Super Duck.
EDIT: Well, then, lonewolf, you have reason to hate, I guess. What I just don't like is when people hear the crazy Gleeks and immediately think, 'Oh, it's really popular and it just seems 'that way'! I hate it!' Such as Other Friend, who insists it's awful and has never actually seen a single episode. I see very little of any value about Glee… So, huh. Whatever.

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what you do on your lunch

what you do on your lunch break really makes me wish i was your friend in real life

"pleasure is absolute, pain is relative."

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Well, it was a particularly

Well, it was a particularly memorable lunch break. Usually I just sit around. But believe me, if it were geographically possible, I'd take you there tomorrow. I wish we could be friends in real life too.

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In this swimmers humble opinion...

Glee is like Justin Bieber. Most of the people who love it, love it way way too much and for the wrong reasons, while those that hate it hate way way too much and for no reason at all, other than that there are people who love it.
As for me, I don't really care, never seen it, it doesn't really interest me. Just because there's gay guys, I don't care, and I get a tiny bit annoyed when people always assume I watch it just because I'm gay.
Because, one of the things that may seem weird is I don't really like professional theatre. Never really interested me weird, or theatre in general.

And, as for the plotline, I already have other favorite shows with stupid plotlines, such as The Office, House, and Top Gear. I literally don't have time to watch anything more, because I swim so much.

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