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According to my mother I made the Honor Roll, along with Shneer, Clueless, Other and... Bday. Why did my mother inform me of the fact Bday made it? *shivers* It's creepy. We (Mother and I) were just on the phone.
Mom: Hey, guess what? I just saw your name in the newspaper!
Me: What? Why?
Mom: They finally published the Honor Roll! I also saw Shneer, Clueless, and Other in it! You have smart friends. Oh, and I saw Bday in it!
Me: Uh, ah, yeah, my friends are smart… kinda…

Okay, let me explain. My mother doesn't really know Bday. The Bday Mother and mine were co-Brownie troop leaders, so until like second grade they knew each other. From third grade on Bday and I went to seperate schools, up until last year. Unfortunately, Bday's cousin and younger sibling both are in 5th grade with my brother. So in my house, Bday tends to come up for really random reasons that make me highly uncomfortable. So… yeah.
Snow day today. Along with Tuesday being off due to who-knows-why and my being sick yesterday, this means Monday and Friday are my only school days this week. Go figure.
My brother keeps randomly starting to sing 'Single Ladies' and stopping as soon as I look over XD Now everybody keeps suddenly bursting into song and it's awesome. ♪
I'm actually using my brother's DSi because the log-in thing REFUSES TO WORK on mine. Mine is actually a DSiXL, so it's bigger and easier to type on than this puny thing. Gah.
The stepmother aka Bellatrix is attempting to make it impossible fr me to get onto the computer. Today I saw that the mouse and keyboard were no longer connected nor were they anywhere nearby. Later they were there but when I turned the monitor on everything on the screen was completely sideways. Weirdness.
So… is anything happening in your lives lately? I must ask!
*suddenly bursts into song*
I'm exceedingly bored. I do have a book I haven't finished yet, though, so I'll go read while waiting to see if anybody posts anything.