Okay so maybe I'm not just a bit strange

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I think I'm actually insane. Actually. I've just been putting together all the pieces, little "quirks" I thought were normal (and a few I knew weren't) and I might actually be totally out of my mind. Or rather, in my mind and out of reality.
So there's the OCD tendencies, which are a lot more pronounced upon reflection than it seems most of the time.
there's the anxiety and panic attacks.
the dislike of loud, sudden noises and large groups of people
the weird alternately bubbly and immensely introspective moods that come and go without warning.
the wandering in and out of conversations (literally and physically)
the hatred of disappointing people.
the occasional 30 second memory gaps
I think I'm diagnosable. Shit. Shit shit shit-shit-shit SHIT.
this means I have to tell my mother.


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↑ See, that's the closest thing I can type to a sympathetic noise. Oh, wait- *sympathetic noise*
Though... I have all of those symptoms except for the memory gaps...

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And me too. Can it be

And me too.

Can it be someone else (an adult) you trust first if you're not ready to tell your Mom?

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