Parker's Transition

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My friend Parker is an ftm who is pre-op and pre-T at the moment. He would like to change this, however.

He has one binder as of now that isn't in working order (its so old that it would physically damage him to wear it). He's trying to get another one but the one he wants is one of the more expensive ones from Underworks and he doesn't have any means of paying for it.

In hopes of getting a new binder and eventually beginning the transition process, Parker wanted me to ask your help. I offered this to him and I too will donate.

With the mindset of getting transition started as soon as possible, he is selling shirts to try to make enough money. He asked me to post the link to his Tumblr and if you all, or even just some of you, could help him out, that'd be great. I know I can't give him all the money, I can give him some.

Thanks. Much appreciated.


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So I checked out the site

So I checked out the site and I love the design... of the site.
I'm sorry I really am but If that's the only thing he's got I don't see him making a whole lot of money and I think his prices are a bit steap for a shirt with a few words on it.
I really am sorry for that kinda negativity but thats just the way I see it.
(*^_^*) No hard feelings?

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Meldiseus---don't worry, no

Meldiseus---don't worry, no hard feelings whatsoever. We're still cool, no worries.

Invictus---will check that out soon, thanks.